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Who We Are

RPM is your local team of capital program managers, project managers, and construction managers. Our team of professionals manage project planning, design, and construction phases on behalf of public and private clients in all market segments throughout the Pacific Northwest.


RPM is a local, family owned, MWBE, SBE, DBE, SCS company. We are a team of industry leaders founded on the principle of people first. We know that if we treat our employees right, we will attract and retain top talent in the industry. Our clients benefit from a people-focused culture that delivers high performing project services. Together, we are committed to our communities where we live and work, treating everyone with respect and dignity.

The Story Behind the Name


"Growing up, my parents always had a dog named Rock. The original Rock was a black lab. When he passed away, they got another lab and it was named Rock Junior. He's the lab in the photo. When Rock Junior passed away, there was Rocket, and then another lab, Rock. Throughout the years, one thing was consistent, coming home you could always rely on Rock being there. So thinking about Rock Project Management Services, it seemed fitting to name a solid, reliable company after all those Rocks. As generations of professionals will serve our clients through the years, one thing will be consistent, Rock will always be there."


Bernie O'Donnell, President  

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