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What We Do

Capital Program Management | Project Management | Construction Management | Facilities Management

RPM is a full-service provider. We represent the best interests of our clients from initial programing through planning, design, permitting, contracting, construction, move-in, and occupancy. At every step of the project, RPM leads the way with reliable, comprehensive services in a cost-effective manner. We lead by developing a full program approach to every project. We set the plan, validate that the plan aligns with project goals, and then budget, schedule, and facilitate the design and construction on behalf of our clients. Let us earn your trust. 

Program & Project Management

RPM listens to learn the goals of our clients to establish guiding principles that will form the foundation of your project. Our project professionals bring decades of experience leading teams through the programming and design phase to set the stage for seamless construction management. RPM guides our clients through the selection process of contracting methods for public and private contracts. Our team is skilled at evaluating and recommending best strategies and reviewing the benefits of each delivery method including Design-Bid-Build, General Contractor/Construction Manager, Design-Build, Progressive Design-Build, Integrated Project Delivery, and a myriad of private sector contracting methods. RPM is your advocate applying local industry knowledge to local projects for reliable positive solutions. 

Construction Management

RPM has the technical expertise to represent the best interest of our clients through all project phases. We bring web-based tools and technical resources, combined with highly experienced construction management professionals that ensure our clients' projects are managed for a safe and high-quality delivery. Our team has a track record of consistently delivering projects on time and within budget, achieving all project goals. 

Facilities Management

RPM provides professional facilities management services for public, private, institutional, and commercial clients. Our focus is to provide reliable, highly responsive 24/7 service in a professional manner. Our certified facilities management professionals ensuring the highest standards for quality service complies with federal, state, and local laws. RPM is an advocate on behalf of our clients ensuring their properties are properly managed and their tenants' facility needs are met. With access to our in-house professionals, our partners in construction, repairs, and real estate law, our team is truly full-service.

Implementation Planning 

RPM has the in-house expertise to lead initial programmatic planning and goal setting. This includes, leading early budgeting, cost modeling, and scheduling exercises, developing comprehensive project planning and sequencing, and developing strategies for on-boarding design and specialty consultants, leading the process into design development, permitting, contract procurement and managing the construction phase. We ensure project team members know their roles and responsibilities and we hold all accountable in a collaborative manner to deliver on commitments made. We lead for you.