“I took a position at Rock because of the 'people first' culture. Our team works hard together while having fun. There is no doubt we are in this together as a company and with our clients. It makes me smile every day.”


Debbie Boodell
Vice President -
Project Management  


Our team consists of exceptional people. We know that if we invest in our people, support them in their careers, empower them to succeed, and give them responsibility with accountability, they will exceed all expectations. At Rock, it’s truly about the people, the positive workplace culture they grow, and the trusted professionalism they deliver every single day.  


“Rock is more than just a job, it’s a family. My co-workers motivate me to be a better person and to strive for excellence in the community as well as on the job site. I am involved in projects I enjoy that challenge me to learn and grow, and causes I believe in. Projects start and projects end, but Rock is the constant that makes every workday rewarding.”

Lisa Couret, CMIT 
Chief Operating Officer


“At Rock, we have the right team, at the right time, creating the opportunity to contribute to community building projects. It’s a great place to put 30 years of experience to work. I like what we are doing."


Rusty Cutner, AIA, LEED GA
Vice President - Preconstruction & Development 

"Rock puts their employees first, period. The employee centric culture creates a fun and happy environment to work in which naturally extends to our clients. Our team works hard and regularly celebrates accomplishments along the way. Rock is unlike any employer that I’ve had in the past."


Ashley DePierre 
Senior Director - Marketing & Business Development 

"Rock was formed by a team of local professionals that knew there was a better way. We knew we could be more responsive to one another, and to our local clients, if we were a local company. As we continue to grow, we will stay nimble and cost-effective for our clients, but always invest in the best interest of our employees, and the communities where we all live and work."

Bernie O'Donnell

Pamela _casual_final.jpg

"It was an easy decision to make a move to a great company with a talented team of experienced professionals. I love being a member of the Rock family."

Jon Rauer
Chief Information Officer

“Why do I like working at Rock? It’s simple - the people. The Rock environment is supportive and inclusive. Each team member brings exceptional knowledge and a distinctive experience – all of which is celebrated. We all have an innate desire to give 100% to our clients, our firm, and each other. Truthfully - it’s fun and it’s family.”


Pamela Wood
Senior Contracts Manager