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Kristen Bryant - Grant Director

Kristen is an enthusiastic baseball fan, with a special affinity for the Mariners. Alongside her passion for sports, she is deeply committed to volunteer work, contributing to causes such as Wildlife Habitat Conservation and organizations focused on combating global warming. Currently, she finds joy in home improvement projects.

Bringing a wealth of experience to Rock, Kristen has a background in grant writing and has previously held roles in project management within information technology and software development. With a track record of consulting with numerous companies on software transitions and upgrades, Kristen is well-equipped to collaborate with Rock's clients across various industries and sizes.

In her role as Grant Program Manager, Kristen seamlessly blends her extensive knowledge of local and state government, non-profit entities, and philanthropic efforts. Her educational background and volunteer work in environmental protection further enhance her expertise in crafting meaningful grant applications. Kristen is thrilled to be part of the Rock team, leveraging its excellence in building projects and project planning to collaboratively create accurate and impactful grant applications.

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