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Josephine Medenilla Bayan, Senior Project Manager

Josephine currently holds the positions of Chair on the City of Renton Planning Commission and Treasurer for the Association of Filipino American Engineers of Washington (AFEW). In her leisure time, she enjoys spending quality moments with her grandchildren, occasionally indulging in activities such as dancing and biking.


Josephine is a highly educated professional, holding a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning with a specialization in Transportation Planning as well as a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. She is a senior-level PM professional with over 30 years of experience managing public sector projects of varying type, size, and complexity. She has a comprehensive, full range of project experience managing transit, light rail, heavy rail, port facilities, wastewater treatment infrastructure, stormwater, solid waste, and many types of public facilities and regional infrastructure projects throughout her career. Josephine’s collaborative and disciplined team leadership style, along with her experience ensures that high performance teams drive highly successful project outcomes.

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