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Capital Program Management

Rock is a premier provider of comprehensive capital program management services.  As capital program managers, Rocks team provides strategic leadership in the development and administration of major capital programs on behalf of our clients.  Our team of seasoned professionals combine strategic insights and technical expertise to lead a program of capital projects over multiple years.  Our program management approach is tailored to lead our clients, or augment their capital projects team, to property plan and sequence individual design and construction projects for our clients.  Our program management services include:

  • Develop capital program guiding principles and strategies

  • Conduct capital facilities condition assessments

  • Prepare preventative maintenance schedules and budgets

  • Provide comprehensive multi-year capital facilities plans

  • Develop capital program budgets supported with detailed estimates

  • Develop capital program schedules, prioritizing and sequencing individual projects

  • Lead the assessment and recommendations for design and construction contracting methods

  • Facilitate stakeholder and community outreach communications plans, workshops, and events

  • Develop and implement program procedures, management systems, tools and templates

  • Lead the coordination of permitting processes with local, state, and federal authorities

  • Financial planning for capital programs, including identification of funding sources

  • Provide grant applications writing services and administration of grant reporting requirements

  • Provide full-range project management and construction management of individual projects within capital programs

  • Provide staff augmentation to existing capital program staff

  • Provide training to capital program teams

  • Assess and make recommendation for capital program refinements

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