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Kittitas School District

Rock marked a significant milestone by securing our first contract with the Kittitas School District (KSD). The scope of the project was ambitious, involving the demolition of the primary building catering to K-2 students and subsequent reconstruction as part of the intermediate building for grades 3-5. This strategic redevelopment aimed to consolidate all elementary students under one roof, fostering a more cohesive and efficient learning environment. The project also encompassed the demolition of the old Kittitas High School and the bus garage. In their place, we undertook the reconstruction project of a modern bus barn, providing essential facilities for the school's transportation needs. Additionally, the project involved the refurbishment of the roof of the historic Jim Johnson Gym, preserving a key element of the school's heritage while ensuring its continued functionality. Our successful execution of this multifaceted project not only demonstrated our capability to manage complex construction endeavors but also contributed to the enhancement and modernization of KSD facilities, providing an improved learning environment for students and staff.

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