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Inspection Services

​Rock’s team of construction leaders provide on-site quality and contract-compliant inspections on behalf of our clients.  We serve as the Owner’s second set of eyes, ensuring contractors are complying with industry standards, plans, specifications, and permit requirements for quality, safe, installations.  We verify quantities of materials, and track force account work on behalf of our clients.  Rock provides detailed daily inspection reports, documenting actual on-site conditions, activities, personnel, equipment, and progress.  Our Drone Services accompany our inspection teams on an as-needed basis to help document site conditions, and proactively identify potential issues.   

  • On-site civil, utility, and transportation projects inspections

  • Development of Inspection Daily Reports

  • Tracking of project progress and daily activities

  • Tracking of on-site personnel and equipment

  • Administration of on-site product delivery and quantities

  • Force account work tracking and documenting

  • Safety compliance

  • Contract compliance

  • Quality compliance

  • Permit inspections and special inspections coordination

  • Schedule review

  • Change order management

  • Pay applications management

  • Final permit sign-off coordination

  • As-built records, maintenance manuals, and owner training coordination

  • Final report development and issuance

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