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2023_Clallam PUD_water main install_052.JPG

Clallam County PUD

The Clallam Bay/Seiku Water System, originally established in 1963, has served its community faithfully for nearly six decades. With much of the infrastructure reaching the age of about 60 years, it surpasses the design life recommended by the EPA. The aging system has experienced an increase in main breaks, prompting the Clallam County PUD to take proactive measures. In 2017, the District initiated the Capital Improvement Water System Plan, outlining critical upgrades, including the replacement of an estimated 16,350 feet of pipeline and three reservoirs. Recognizing the urgency and scale of this infrastructure overhaul, the PUD awarded Rock Project Management the contract for the waterline replacement in August 2022. This marks a significant milestone, representing the largest water main new infrastructure project for the PUD since its inception. The project aims to replace approximately 12,500 feet of aging pipeline, addressing reliability concerns and ensuring the continued delivery of safe and efficient water services to the Clallam Bay/Seiku community. Rock’s team provided on-site construction management and inspection services, overseeing the construction phase.

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