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Steve Sawyer, Senior Project Manager

Steve Sawyer has 25 years of industry experience in managing major utility and transportation infrastructure projects. He has 16 years of experience working directly for Sound Transit and the Port of Seattle, with additional experience working with diverse clients including municipalities and government agencies. Steve is a specialist in project and construction management, contract management, including large right of way projects with multiple jurisdictions. His experience in identifying and explaining complex ROW elements is a valuable asset within design, at stakeholder meetings, and during construction. Steve has strong verbal communication skills and written documentation of construction progress. He is an expert in quality control, site assessment, public outreach, budgeting, and AHJ coordination. Steve believes the key to successful projects is strong positive working relationships with all stakeholders. He especially loves the public outreach part of a project. You can’t get him to shut up about how awesome his projects are, who they benefit, and how fun they are to work on. He is always very proud of the work we do.


Outside of his professional life, Steve enjoys watching his daughter coach high school lacrosse, and indulge in a good book (his favorite is ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’).  Steve also loves spending quality time with his wife. They both enjoy playing golf and want to eventually move to Arizona when they retire to just do that and travel!

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