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Specific Improvements to Gymnasium Building

The purpose of the following improvements is to increase the usability of the Gymnasium Building and the adjoining covered play area by enclosing the covered play area for indoor/outdoor play which allows for the existing gymnasium to be utilized as a multi-purpose area. To increase the usability, this project will work on providing restrooms, a small kitchenette, and storage areas in the building. 

Proposed Improvements

The following items present the General Work of Scope. 
Work Item 1. Gymnasium building improvements and enclosing covered play area. 
  • Maintain historic character of spaces, including murals.
  • Add new and ADA complaint restrooms and indoor plumbing.
  • Enclose the covered play area with historically appropriate wood siding, windows, and roll-up or equivalent doors for indoor-outdoor play, allowing existing gymnasium space to be utilized as a multi-purpose room.
  • Provide portable, easy-to-use spectator stands and seating.
  • Add new, mobile, portable, and storable lunchroom seating and tables.
  • Add a small kitchenette and sink.
  • Create an equipment storage area.
  • Add foundation and level the wood on-grade flooring.
  • Reconstruct stage for access, increased usable space, improved lighting, and backstage event prep space.
  • Improve heating, ventilation, and cooling.
  • Add windows and natural light into interior spaces, provide window shading for use during events.
  • Add signage for egress, ADA.
  • Add fire and life safety improvements.
  • Add security access and other security improvements.
  • Improve lighting for efficient space and task lighting, and event lighting.
  • Improve acoustics. 

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