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Site Improvement Projects

The entire site is 3 acres and partially fenced. It includes a playground with play equipment, a softball field, and open play areas. A non-paved student drop-off and pick-up loop is at the front of the schoolhouse, and parking is just west of the main building front entrance. Recently, the septic system was recently installed north of the gymnasium building, as well as a 750-sf storage shed was added directly north of the schoolhouse.

Proposed Improvements

The following items present the General Work of Scope. 
Work Item 1. Septic system.
  • Recently constructed septic system needs a slight modification and tie-in for plumbing upgrades made to the gymnasium building. 
Work Item 2. Improve parking design, more efficient traffic flow, and increase parking utilization.
  • Address vehicle and pedestrian safety and to meet ADA requirements. This will also increase parking utilization. These upgrades will improve safety of areas for parking, access, and egress (including student drop off), and reduce dust and mud. ​​
    • Paving to allow a cleaner, level, ADA accessible surface.​
    • Install striping and directional arrows, pedestrian routing and crossing, park stall designations, and assigned ADA stalls. 
    • Old play equipment must be removed because it is in the parking and construction staging area, and its location also interferes with drainage improvements.
    • Modify turning radius and lane widths, decreasing the flagpole island and requiring the flagpole base to be relocated. 
    • Signage should also be provided for entry, no-entry, and stop locations.
Work Item 3. Upgrade ADA ramp/path and door located at the east side of the Main building.
  • Remove the existing ADA ramp and replace with an ADA-compliant ramp.
    • Provide paved access to ADA ramp.​
Work Item 4. Improve site drainage.
  • Improve overall drainage of the site and reduce year-round, maintenance requirements.
    • Add new french drainage, infiltrative fill material, and grade site to drain properly to natural infiltration points. This work will require replacement of surface improvements such as the playground, track, ball field, and open play field areas. ​It will be necessary to restore areas that are affected. ​​
Work Item 5. Site safety and security.
  • Provide perimeter fencing around school property. 
  • Add security cameras in locations where security and/or safety is a potential concern.
  • Add signage and site lighting. 
Work Item 6. Relocate maintenance overlap with education space.
  • Relocate maintenance desk and associated storage items out of main building back to the Maintenance Shed in order to improve the Main Building layout that is to be utilized solely for education. 
Work Item 7. Provide a Covered Area for students waiting for bus (SW corner of the driveway).
  • Improve student safety and site layout by assigning a protected area for bus pick up.
    • Construct accessible covered area for students waiting for bus pick up, secure and safe from vehicle traffic and parking areas. ​

Project Gallery

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